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What it is

Belt printing is a method using oversized screens of up to 45″ x 35″ in dimension. It is advisable for larger apparels that require prints that go beyond their seams and do not fit the traditional print pallets.

Why it’s good

Because we use water based discharge, the fabric’s own dye is replaced with the embedding ink much like becoming a part of the material. As a result, the material becomes softer and more comfortable to wear.

Who needs it

Brand apparels who want to add unique tee artwork prints to their lines will find this method very welcoming to their fashion line.

Where it is applicable

This process require superior cotton blends for the water discharge method to work flawlessly. This can only mean one thing, your brand line will have top-shelf standards and prestige.

Plastisol vs Water Based Inks

Plastisol is the non-toxic versatile choice for virtually all fabric printing requirements.
It retains its vibrant color, texture and shape over long periods of time.
Apparels printed in plastisol tend to increase in temperature because of accumulated body heat absorbed by the ink. Extra care and handling of the printed fabric must also be practiced because it cannot be exposed or treated with high heat like fabric irons as it will smear.
Water based inks tend to “dissolve” into the fabric and blends well with the rest of its texture resulting in a vintage, luxurious look.
This is often called a “soft-hand feel” versus Plastisol which “thickens” and increases density with each coat.

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